Why Birçelik?

This page summaries our company and you can understand why to choose Bircelik and work with us. Here are some tittles about Bircelik.


Bircelik is the only company in Turkey, which only sells European stainless steel materials. In our company, we have four main products, which are stainless steel round bar, hexagonal bar, flat bar and square bar. All materials in our stock are European materials and you can provide each material's sertificate from our company. There is not a single material which does not have its sertificate, so all materials in our company are %100 european products and all materials are %100 sertificated materials.
Bircelik is one of the fastest company to deliver stainless steel products. We are located just in the center of istanbul and all materials in our stock is ready for immediate shipment. MNG and Yurtiçi (which are companies like DHL) are only 10-40 meters far away from our company and all the truck companies are located in istanbul is 400 meters far away from Birçelik. So we can make shipments within the same day to all around Turkey and this makes our copmany one of the fastest company in Turkey.
At Birçelik warehouses, there are four main products. We keep stainless steel round bar, hexagonal bar, flat bar and square bar in our stocks and we have got the biggest European material range in these materials. There are over 850 different products in our company in more then 20 different stainless grades. We do not sell Indian, Chinese or 2. choose european stainless steel materials.
Bircelik has really good relationships with UGITECH from more then 30 years and Bircelik is the first company comes to people's mind for more then 30 years. We are very proud of this partnership and we keep 30 different UGITECH GRADES in our stocks (with three different brandes: "UGI", "UGIMA", "UGIMA HM). Please click to continue for more detailed information about UGITECH and our Company.   Click to Continue
Birçelik has been established in 1983 at istanbul and the company is in the business for more then 30 years. We still use the same phone numbers and we are one of the best well known stainless steel stockist in Turkey. We do not sell any Indian or Chinese products and for more then 30 years, we try to provide only the best quality materials to all our customers.