440M (1.4116N) Stainless Steel

440M is a very new stainless steel grade which has been researched and developed by UGITECH. This grade is a very good grade for heat threatment and for many applications, this grade is better then 440B (1.4112) and 440C (1.4125). 440M has less carbon content then 440B and 440C so 440M has a less biritall. Also low carbon content makes this grade better at corrosion resistance, because higher carbon lowers the corrosion resistance. This grade can be heat threated and hardened up to 58-60 HRC hardness.



Grade Properties

General Properties Stars
Corrosion Resistance:  
Mechanical Properties:





440M (1.4116N) Grade Material Stock List

Material Shape Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Round 5 110



Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn P S Si Cr Mo  N  V
440M (1.4116N) %0.48-0.55 %1.0 max %0.040 max %0.015 max %1.00 max



 %0.05-0.15  %0.10-0.15



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