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PH 13-8 Mo or 13-8 Mo stainless steel is a PH (precipitation hardened) stainless steel grade which is also known as 1.4534 grade. This stainless steel grade is used mainly on aircraft landing parts, landing gears and other aircraft parts. This grade is better then 17-4 PH and 15-5 PH in many applications. PH 13-8 Mo is hard to produce and vacuum melting is required. Because of this production method, this grade is really expencive. 1.4534 grade stainless steel is good for corrosion resistance and this grade have very strong mechanical properties. Yield strenght of this grade is about 1400 MPA and corrosion resistance of this grade is better then 316L in many applications. Here are some of the other details about PH 13-8 Mo grade material.


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Corrosion Resistance
Mechanical Properties





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Round 16 38



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PH 13-8 Mo (1.4534 - S13800) Stainless Steel