Other Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel hollow bar and tubes are not the products that we keep in stocks but we can provide a very wide range of stainless steel tube material from our providers in many different grades. Please contct with our company for any kind of stainless steel tube inquary. We can give you a quotation in the same they.
Birçelik stocks four main products, which are stainless steel round, hexagonal, flat and square materials. After these four main products, we also sell alot of stainless steel lazer cutted or plazma cutted sheeet materials. All lazer cutted materials are provided from other companies and for any kind of inquary, please contact with our company by email.
Stainless steel sheet material is also another product we sell rarely but for our customers, we can provide different grades of sheet materials and ship them in the same day. Please contact with us for any kind of shhet material inquary. All sheet materials are provided from other companies.