310 (1.4845) Stainless Steel

310 stainless steel grade, which is also know as 1.4845 or 310s is a stainless grade which is commonly used in very high temperature envireoments. This grade is written as 1.4845 or X8CrNi25-21 according to EN norm and it is written as UNS S31008 according to UNS norm. 310 material can withstand up to 1100C temperature theoretically. 310 (1.4845) stainless steel grade contains very high percentage of nickel and chromium and these elements makes this grade very durable to corrosion. 310 stainless can work in very high temperatures and this is one of the most commen heat resistant stainless steel grade used in high temperature applications. If the carbon level of 310 material is lower then %0.08, then this version is also called 310 S and 310s stainless steel can andure a little bit higher degree then the standart 310 stainless steel grade. All 310 materials in Bircelik warehouse also confirms 310s norms and all product we sell confirms both 310 and 310S specifications.



Grade Properties

General Properties  Stars
Corrosion Resistance:
Mechanical Properties:





310 (1.4845) Grade Material Stock List

Material Shape Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Round 6 100



310 (1.4845) Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Mo
310 (1.4845) %0.08 max %2.0 max %0.75 max %0.045 max %0.03 max



%0.75 max



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