1.4435 (316LMo) Stainless Steel

1.4435 stainless steel is an austeniticy high corrosion resistance material. This grade is written as 1.4435 or 316LMo or X2CrNiMo18-14-3 according to EN norm. 1.4435 stainless usually compeared with 316L (1.4404) stainless steel grade. 1.4435 material has a higher content of chromium, nickel and molibdenium and because of these elements, it is more resistant to corrosion then 316L (1.4404) grade. 1.4435 is ready in Birçelik warehouse and 1.4435 grade is not magnetic. This grade is used in corrosive enviorements and if 316L grade is not enough, 1.4435 stainless steel could be a very good alternative material. 1.4435 material usually used in petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical production plants and automotive industry. This grade is not a heat resistant grade and it is not suitable to use this grade in high temperatures.



Grade Properties

General Properties Stars
Corrosion Resistance:
Mechanical Properties:





1.4435 (316LMo) Grade Material Stock List

Material Shape Min Diameter (mm) Max Diameter (mm)
Round 20




1.4435 (316LMo) Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn P S Si Cr Ni Mo
1.4435 (316LMo) %0.03 max %2.0 max %0.045 max %0.015 max %1.0 max

%17 - 19

%12.5 - 15

%2.5 - 3.5



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