Super Duplex (1.4507) Stainless Steel

1.4507 super duplex is a very special super duplex grade. This grade is similar to 1.4410 and 1.4501 super duplex grades but 1.4507 grade super duplex is slightly better the two other grades. If the application is not so specific, all these three super duplex grades could be alternatives. At Bircelik warehouses, there are some 1.4507 grade samples and we can provide different sizes and shapes by request. All 1.4507 grade materials at our stocks are UGITECH materials and they all confirm the aerospace norms. UGI4507 super duplex materials are all ultrasonic tested and can be used in many special applications. This super duplex grade is used in gears, shafts, oil  gas industries, chemical pumps and marin applications. Here some other details about this super duplex grade.



Grade Properties


General Properties Stars
Corrosion Resistance
Mechanical Properties






1.4507 Stainless Steel Stock List

Material Shape Min Diameter (mm)

Max Diameter (mm)

Round 30mm
For all other diameters, please contact us - (Between 20mm to 300mm)




Chemical Composition

Grade C N Cu Mo Cr Ni
4507 (1.4507) X2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3 %0.03 max %0.20 - 0.25 %1.5 - 2.5 %3 - 3.9

%24 - 26

%6 - 6.5



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